Bart Stupak

EJ Dionne's Sad Sack Routine

I was really surprised at this column by E.J. I was raised Catholic too, but I'm outraged at the Church's hostility towards contraception and I didn't think he bought into this narrative. And let's be honest E.J, many pro-lifers will not vote or

BP Plans To Get Rid Of Safety Watchdog

Another day, another reason not to trust BP to handle anything properly in the response to this disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. GRIFFIN: For 26 yea

Unreal Americans

Teabaggers must really believe they are the majority in America and John McCain won the election, but Obama is just keeping the Oval office warm becau

"Baby Killer!" Shouter Outed

Politico calls it a "stunning confession", but basically this wingnut had nowhere left to hide. You can read his goofy confession, sent via e-mail,