Barry Goldwater

GOP & Fox News Give Birth To Donald Trump! See How!

GOP & Fox News Give Birth To Donald Trump! See How!

It's important people know the truth about the political history that created an environment for Donald Trump and the racism we're seeing to thrive. Hopefully acknowledging that the GOP made a calculated decision to exploit the racial tensions in this country will be an important step toward correcting the problem. This country is better when we're all on the same team anyway:)

Faux Shrink At It Again With Unethical Analysis Of Obama

I'm not sure what part of the Goldwater rule faux shrink and Fox News commentator Keith Ablow doesn't understand, but if he can't even get this right, why should anyone trust his analysis? The Goldwater rule is part of the ethical standards

May 15, 1964 - The Long Shot.

May 15, 1964 - 1964 Presidential Primary season. Ambassador to Saigon and GOP Presidential candidate Henry Cabot Lodge expected to win Oregon Primary, chances good in California. Senate GOP pledges to keep the Bobby Baker Scandal probe alive. Michigan Politics - Gov. George Romney and Attorney General Frank Kelly clash on Legislative Reapportionment issue. South Vietnam - 51 S. Vietnamese troops killed in ambush by Vietcong. LBJ and Robert McNamara hold talks on Vietnam situation. Civil Right leader Bayard Rustin pledges 50,000 to protest upcoming Democratic Convention in Atlantic City.