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Bill Moyers: Obamacare The Right Wing's Alamo

Bill Moyers: Obamacare The Right Wing's Alamo

After Republicans spent their time during last week's hearings demanding apologies for the problems with the rollout of the Affordable Care Act, Bill Moyers asked if it would be "fair to expect just a morsel of apology from the right as well?" I wouldn't be holding my breath for one any time soon.

‘Nuns On The Bus’ Visits Paul Ryan’s Office

A group of nuns led by Sister Simone Campbell is driving from the small towns of the Midwest to the urban centers of the East to protest the House Republican budget authored by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI). Yesterday, they brought their message to Ryan’s door, visiting the congressman’s office in his home town of Janesville, Wisconsin. There, Sister Simone spoke with members of Ryan’s staff and greeted supporters gathered outside.

Paul Volcker's Prescient Advice For Jamie Dimon

Shortly after Jamie Dimon's appearance on Fox last month, PBS's Bill Moyers had former Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System and head of President Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board, Paul Volcker, whose namesake is

Keith Olbermann On Bill Moyers Journal -- Dec. 14, 2007

Here's Keith back in 2007 being interviewed by another person that I deeply regret is no longer on the air, Bill Moyers. Full transcript available here. I thought I'd share one portion of the transcript here where Keith talked about leaving MSNBC during the Monica Lewinsky scandal and whether he'd ever do it again.

Bill Moyers On Money In Politics

Bill Moyers thinks we're aren't going to know what hit us with this recent Supreme Court ruling and our money in politics, and sadly I agree with him.