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Boehner Calls Off Vote On 'Plan B'

From TPM: Boehner Calls Off Plan B Vote: In a stunning defeat, Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) called off a vote Thursday night on his Plan B to avert the fiscal cliff, citing a lack of support from his own party. Boehner issued the following

Dan Senor Accuses Obama Of Humiliating Republicans With Opening Fiscal Offer

Yes, those poor, poor Republicans have just been completely humiliated by President Obama's initial offer during these debt negotiations, or so says former Bushie and Romney adviser, Dan Senor on ABC's This Week. Senor also did his best to try to spin the idea that the offer was somehow so toxic that most of the public would not blame Republicans if they can't reach a deal.

John Boehner: Raising Debt Limit Will Have 'Price Tag'

Nothing like more threats from House Speaker John Boehner on whether they'd agree to pay for the debt incurred under his and the Republicans watch during these "fiscal cliff" negotiations. Boehner: Debt Limit Will Have ‘Price Tag’: House

Sen. Lindsey Graham: Let's Raise The Retirement Age Again!

I love watching millionaire politicians divvy up our safety net, don't you? So does George Stephanopoulos, since he brings it up Every. Single. Chance. He. Gets. The thought of some working class schmoe having a dignified retirement really, really