Jon Husted

Ohio Secy. Of State Says He'll Appeal Early Voting Decision

It seems Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted isn't finished doing his best to suppress the vote in his state and cause as much chaos and confusion as humanly possible between now and election day -- Husted To Appeal Ohio Early Voting Ruling To

Ohio Secretary Of State Husted Backs Down On Early Voting

Here's one for the good guys. It looks like we found a judge who wasn't too happy with having the Ohio Secretary of State thumb his nose at a court order -- Ohio Secretary Of State Backs Down On Early Voting: After being summoned to court by a

Ohio Changes Voting Hours To Discourage Urban Voters

New voting hours in Ohio's urban centers are aimed at discouraging Democratic voters. Remember that kid on your block who could never win without cheating? He grew up to be a Republican official, no doubt. Because given a level playing field