Cruelty to animals

Greg Abbott Hates Dogs
Image from: DonkeyHotey

Greg Abbott Hates Dogs

Texas Governor Greg Abbott vetoed a slew of bills, including a bipartisan one that would have helped prevent cruelty and abuse to dogs.

Doggies Protest Rep. Steve King's Defense Of Animal Cruelty

After his defense of dogfighting last week, it seems the wingnut Rep. Steve King is getting some push back from his fellow Iowans. From CREDO SuperPAC: Paws Against King & CREDO SuperPAC Protest Rep. King For His Defense of Animal

Wingnut Rep. Steve King Defends Dog Fighting

As if there weren't enough reasons to dislike one of the most extreme wingnuts in the United States Congress, we can add one more to the list with Rep. Steve King: GOP Rep. Steve King Defends Dog Fighting: If you believe that the United