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Ryan: Romney's Background Is 'Starting Up Small Businesses'

At a campaign event in Glen Allen, Virginia on Friday, Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan said that Mitt Romney, who founded Bain Capital, had proven he knew that small businesses were the backbone of the American economy because

Stewart: Mitt Romney's Business Practices Too Shady For Italy

After taking a shot at Harry Reid last week for going after Mitt Romney for tax avoidance and refusing to release his tax returns, it appears The Daily Show's Jon Stewart may be having a change of heart over whether that criticism was deserved. He

Mitt Romney's Olympics Bailed Out By Tax Payers

We've seen the Obama campaign going after Mitt Romney for his time at Bain Capital. I think with the Olympics approaching we're about to hear more about this story from them very soon. From Up With Chris Hayes: Mitt Romney and federal money for the

Howard Kurtz Plays The 'Liberal Media' Card For Mitt Romney

You know how you can tell an attack ad from Democrats is working? The right wing and our corporate media start telling you to knock it off. CNN's Howard Kurtz gave the viewers of The Situation Room a preview of what we can expect on his show this