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Fox's Hoenig Calls To For Elimination Of All Social Safety Nets

Fox's Hoenig Calls To For Elimination Of All Social Safety Nets

Jonathan Hoenig wins the contest to see who can be the most repulsive pundit on Fox's Cashin' In this Saturday with calls to completely eliminate every one of our social safety nets. Social Security, Medicaid, you name it, get rid of them all. Read more...

Carville: I Think Obama LIkes Upsetting His Liberal Base

Nothing like watching a bunch of overpaid, millionaire pundits yucking it up and having a grand old time discussing whether the administration has happily thrown their base under the bus with -- no regard for the lives of those who would be affected by these policy changes.

NRCC Chair Blasts Obama's Budget As 'Attack On Seniors'

Who didn't see this cynical move coming? President Obama offers up cuts to Social Security benefits that Republicans want and they immediately turn around and attack him for it. They've done it before, so there's no reason to believe they weren't going to do it again.

Richard Wolff Gives Bill O'Reilly A Lesson In Economics 101

From this Monday's Democracy Now, economist Richard Wolff is asked about Bill O'Reilly's remarks last week where he told his audience on Fox that Cyprus and other European countries are facing economic hardships because they’re so-called "nanny states." Wolff responded with a lesson in economics 101 for Bill-O.

For The Grandchildren...

The media is now in a full court press to get the super committee and the Congress to along with austerity measures in the name of reducing the debt and deficit "for the grandchildren." CNN's John King, Republican Saxby Chambliss and Blue Dog