Dave Briggs

Suddenly, Fox Wants The U.S. To Be More Like The French

Remember the days when Fox News mocked John Kerry for being too French? When we were supposed to boycott France? That was so last decade! Now that France's high court has overturned a measure raising taxes on the wealthiest, Fox News wants us to

Fox Guest: We Are Blessed By The One Percent

If you don’t believe that Fox Newsies would love nothing better than to go back to the feudal system where those with money and property rule the rest of us, check out guest John Tamny’s remarks on Fox & Friends this morning where he pointedly

Paul Ryan Bemoans Defense Cuts: 'We Need Peace Through Strength'

It seems Fox regular Angela McGlowan's comments yesterday weren't just a one off. Vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan has apparently been repeating the same line out on the campaign trail. He just managed to do it without the same Palin-like word salad we got from McGlowan on Saturday.