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Colbert On Romney Calling President Obama Out Of Touch

Stephen Colbert had a bit of fun with GOP presidential candidate 'Rmoney' after his comments that President Obama didn't get the message from Wisconsin about cutting teachers and firefighters. COLBERT: Well said. Obama is totally out of touch.

Mitch Daniels: Wisconsin A 'Turning Point' For Curbing Unions

Republican Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels on Sunday suggested that all public worker unions should be dismantled and that the recent elections in Wisconsin were a "turning point" in curbing their rights. During an interview on Fox News, host Chris

Demonizing Teachers' Unions

If there is any particular Republican framing that grinds my teeth to see the left adopt--other than the term "entitlements" to refer to Medicare and Social Security--it is the pointing the finger at teachers' unions as the obstacle to education

Rick Santorum Advocates Getting Rid Of All Public Sector Unions

If anyone didn't already think that the GOP's union busting at the state level wasn't bad enough already with making sure the last of what we've got left with workers in any sector of the American workforce having the right to negotiate for their