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Jeb Beware: When Mitt Swift-Boated Jane
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Jeb Beware: When Mitt Swift-Boated Jane

Whatever guarantees and assurances Mitt Romney may have offered him, Jeb Bush should beware. After all, in 2002 Romney promised then GOP Governor Jane Swift he would not challenge her reelection, only to then betray her and take the prize himself.
WSJ Pundits Wonder Why Romney Never Ran On His Business Record

WSJ Pundits Wonder Why Romney Never Ran On His Business Record

Fox News, The Journal Editorial Report, Jan. 17, 2015. Wall Street Journal pundits Paul Gigot, Dan Henninger, James Freeman and Kimberley Strassel opine over the possibility of a third Romney run for the White House and wonder what the premise of his campaign will be.

Mitt Romney 'Had No Desire' To Be President

The Boston Globe this weekend offered a fascinating analysis of why Mitt Romney lost the 2012 presidential election. But for all the impact of ground games, turnout models and campaign strategies, Mitt Romney lost not because he failed to

Rove: President Succeeded By Suppressing The Vote

Karl Rove was back on Fox again this Thursday, still making excuses for blowing through all of those billionaires' money and with a major dose of projection when it comes to which party believes in voter suppression -- Karl Rove: Obama Won 'By

Media Attention Leads To Job Offers For Sensata Workers

Halloween action at Bainport, where the workers from the Sensata manufacturing plant in Freeport, Illinois continue to protest their jobs being sent to China by Bain Capital, a move that Mitt Romney will profit from. Finally, a bit of good

American Bridge Super Pac Releases Brutal Ohio TV Ad

The Democratic research super PAC American Bridge is going up with its first ads of the cycle, buying time in the Toledo area -- the Northwestern area of Ohio where the auto bailout has benefited President Obama -- to hit Mitt Romney with an ad based on the Monopoly board game.