Balanced Budget Amendment

Ted Cruz: Only Democrats Are Threatening Default On The Debt

Tea party backed Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) on Sunday insisted only Democrats were threatening default on the debt even though he has vowed not to raise the debt ceiling until Congress passes a balanced budget amendment. "Let me be very clear about

March 12, 1979 - Forever Middle East.

March 12, 1979 - Carter meeting with Begin over Middle East Peace Process. Violence in West Bank. Anti-Carter riots. Energy Crisis looming. Arab Oil. Women demonstrate in Tehran over new dress code. John Stennis calls for Balanced Budget Amendment to Constitution. Howard Baker and Bob Dole call for investigation of Carter Family peanut business. Billy Carter under investigation by FBI for juggling books.

John Fund Pushes For More Austerity Measures On The News Of S&P Downgrade

You've just got to love what passes for "straight news" over at the Fox Republican propaganda channel. During one of their "breaking news" segments after the news that Standard and Poor's decided to downgrade the AAA credit rating of the Unites States, who did they bring in to do some "objective" analysis? The American Spectator and Wall Street Journal's resident hack, John Fund.