CNN Brings On Wingnut Islamophobe Birther-King Frank Gaffney As Expert On Iranian Negotiations

CNN Brings On Wingnut Islamophobe Birther-King Frank Gaffney As Expert On Iranian Negotiations

Prior to this Saturday's announcement that an agreement had been reached with Iran over their nuclear program, guess who CNN thought it was a good idea to bring on for a nice "fair and balanced" discussion on how the Obama administration should be handling these negotiations? None other than neocon, right-wing extremist, Islamophobe and birther-king, Frank Gaffney.

Chuck Todd: Neocon Dan Senor Is Best Man To Discuss Hagel

I don't know why anyone would think that Baghdad Bob a.k.a. neocon Dan Senor would be on anyone's short list to discuss the nomination of Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense, but apparently MSNBC loves this guy so much that he's now renting out Pat

Romney Adviser Dan Senor Calls For Arming Syrian Rebels

Here we go again with these neocons pushing for the United States to get involved in another war in the Middle East. From this Wednesday's Andrea Mitchell Reports, too wrong to fail former George W. Bush adviser who is now advising the Romney

CNN National Security Debate: Bring On The Neocons!

CNN held their "national security" debate this Tuesday night and I have to say this one was even more bizarre to watch than the last one they had that was co-hosted by the AstroTurf "tea party", not so much because of anything the candidates said

Romney Gives Bush Neocons Another Chance

As Rachel Maddow reported this Friday, on the 10th anniversary of the start of the war in Afghanistan, Mitt Romney decided to announce the members of his national security advisory team, and as she noted, of the twenty two people he named, fifteen of them are people who worked on foreign policy for the George W. Bush administration, and around a half dozen of them are former members of the neoconservative think tank and now defunct, PNAC, or The Project for the New American Century.

Neocons Want More Blood

Following up on Heather's post about McCain and Lieberman's desire for action against Libya, the neocons are starting to chant for more action. In an amazing show of bravado, a group of forty political analysts, including more than a dozen former