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The Daily Show: World Of Class Warfare

Jon Stewart was spot on this Thursday with this segment on Fox News and their reaction to Warren Buffett saying that the rich need to be taxed at a higher rate and their collective freakout calling it "class warfare" and Warren Buffett a "socialist." As Stewart notes here in response, "You really have no f**king clue what socialism is, do you?" I beg to differ. I think they just hope their clueless audience doesn't.

Uygur: Pawlenty's Budget Proposal Just More Voodoo Economics

Tim Pawlenty unveiled his budget proposal today and as MSNBC's Cenk Uygur pointed out here, "it's got a lot of rainbows and unicorns" and is little more than already discredited Voodoo economics and more tax cuts for giant corporations. The

Jon Stewart: I Give Up - Pay Anything...

Jon Stewart reminds us that as these awful, greedy, overpaid public sector union members are bankrupting our states, we must make sure those "job creators" keep their effective tax rates near or below zero, or they're going to take their ball