Bradley Manning Trial Begins At Fort Meade

Video: Private Bradley Manning, 25, faces his first day on trial Monday -- accused of the largest leak of classified information in U.S. history -- with prosecutors saying his actions aided the enemy.

Ex-Prosecutor Won't Be Watching ‘Brooklyn DA'

"Brooklyn DA," CBS's controversial behind-the-scenes series on the life and work of the borough's prosecutors, debuted Tuesday night. Over the course of the hour, an average of 4.9 million folks tuned in. Robert Reuland was not one of them.

All Your Tweets Belong To Us

Manhattan District Attorney subpoenas Twitter account of @destructuremal (aka 23-year-old Brooklyn writer Malcolm Harris) because of his participation in Occupy Wall Street.

Mike's Blog Roundup

Prairie Weather: The collapse of government. "Banana Republic, here we come..." AMERICAblog News: GOP House chair pushing TSA privatization while contractor is campaign donor Scott Horton: Justice Dept. refuses cooperation with Polish