BP Gulf Oil Spill

Study: Corexit Made Gulf Oil Spill 52 Times More Toxic

Julia Whitty writes for Mother Jones on the environment and she's written about the dramatic decline in microscopic life on Gulf beaches and also about how using dispersant allowed oil to penetrate much more deeply into beaches, possibly

Andy Cobb: BP -- You're Welcome

Seen the original BP ads? For more of the most cookie-begging ad campaign in the history of cookies, check this out. Or, oooh, this one is just the worst. Because, y'know, corporations are people. And sometimes they need a pat on the back.

Oil Still Leaking New Deepwater Horizon Drill Site

While the media is busy assuring their audiences that we still need nuclear energy despite catastrophic accidents potential, environmentalists would like you to remember we still have issues in the Gulf of Mexico from another one of our