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Hayes: 'The Only Way Out Is Through'

Hayes: 'The Only Way Out Is Through'

Chris Hayes opened his show with an editorial tonight and I'm right there with him. I'm sick to death of the media coverage comparing the rollout of the Affordable Care Act to Katrina. I've had it with the Republicans doing everything in their power to do real damage to real people's lives with their sabotage and obstruction and like Hayes, I'm fed up with these weak kneed Democrats thinking that they can distance themselves from the law politically if they wanted to.

David Gregory Falsely Claims All American Workers Will See Medicare Tax Increase

As we've already discussed around here, David Gregory was never too fond of the idea of some fact checking being done so that viewers would know how many whoppers he was allowing his guests to get away with. On this Sunday's Meet the Press, forget the guests -- it was Gregory himself who needed the fact checker.

Bernie Sanders On The Independent In Politics

“What you are looking at is a nation with a grotesquely unequal distribution of wealth and income, tremendous economic power on Wall Street, and now added to all of that is big money interests, the billionaires and corporations now buying elections,” Sanders tells Bill. “I fear very much that if we don’t turn this around, we’re heading toward an oligarchic form of society.”