Running Mate

Colbert Has His Celebration Of Ryan 2012 Cut Short

Poor Stephen Colbert. He was temporarily very excited over the prospect of Paul Ryan as our next President of the United States, only to have his hopes dashed by Mittens. After realizing he was going to have to live with Ryan only having the second

Romney To Announce Running Mate In VA Saturday

Please... let it be Paul Ryan - Romney to announce running mate Saturday in Va.: NORFOLK, Va. (AP) -- Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney will announce his running mate Saturday morning in Norfolk, Va., his campaign said Friday

Bill Maher Suggests Himself As Mitt Romney's Running Mate

This Friday during his New Rules segment, Real Time host Bill Maher went through the list of potential running mates for Mitt Romney and finally ended up suggesting... the Real Time host himself, Bill Maher. As Maher noted, they disagree on almost

Gingrich: 'Highly Implausible' He'd Be Selected As Romney's Choice For Vice President

I'm not sure what David Gregory has been smoking that he felt the need to ask former Speaker of the House and presidential candidate Newt Gingrich if he a: had any advice for Gov. Martin O'Malley should he run for president at some time in the future and b: if there's a snowball's chance in hell of Mitt Romney asking Gingrich to be his running mate, but he actually asked both near the end of his interview with the two of them on Meet the Press.