John Oliver On Palin's Return To Fox: ‘We Can Just Fu*king Ignore Her!’

The Daily Show's John Oliver was back for his second week filling in as host for Jon Stewart and doing a fantastic job once again. He opened this Monday's show with a revelation following the return of Sarah Palin to Fox "News" and her hawking her upcoming book on their ridiculous "War on Christmas":

Maher Reads From 'Outrageous' IRS Forms Sent To Tea Partiers

From this Friday's Real Time, Bill Maher told his audience that he and his staff think they've found the "smoking gun" that proves the IRS had unfairly targeted the tea partiers who are upset about having to wait to get their 501(c)(4) status approved.

Trump Threatens To Sue Maher Over 'Bet' Asking For Proof He Wasn't Birthed From An Orangutan

It looks like Donald Trump is doing his best to take advantage of Bill Maher having some fun with him on Jay Leno's show earlier this week, where he decided to one up Trump's birtherism with President Obama. Sean Hannity actually had this clown on for the better half of his show Thursday evening and Trump repeated some of the same remarks he made on Extra the previous day: Trump will ‘probably sue’ Maher after proving mother didn’t have sex with orangutan: