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Memories: When Shep Smith Laid Down The Law At Fox News About Torture

Memories: When Shep Smith Laid Down The Law At Fox News About Torture

From April 22, 2009. Shepard Smith explained to the befuddled Trace Gallagher that there was no gray area, no moral relativism when it comes to torture. "We're Americans. We don't fucking torture!", said Smith emphatically. Smith also drew the rather obvious conclusion that if torture was a crime, then there were criminals, and that their names were Bush and Cheney.

Dick Cheney Tells Charlie Rose Waterboarding Is Not Torture

I'm not sure why PBS and CBS News feel that the public needs to be treated to yet another fawning interview with former Vice President Dick Cheney, but maybe they're hoping to pick up some of that Fox viewership, because Charlie Rose's hour long

Fox News Gang Clings To That 'Torture A-Go-Go' Dream

Fox & Friends welcomed author Howard Wasdin as the latest in their series of pre-emptive strikes against a Hillary Clinton candidacy – in this case, to argue that Benghazi is Clinton's “Black Hawk Down.” Of course, the attack on an American

Hannity Still Pushing Right-Wing Zombie Lies Justifying Torture

As if the interview with former CIA torture architect Jose Rodriguez on 60 Minutes wasn't bad enough, Sean Hannity followed up the next day with an even more infuriating interview of Rodriguez as well. If you were disgusted by Leslie Stahl lobbing