Town Hall Meetings

McCain: I'm 'Proud' Of Debate At Town Hall Meetings

Heaven forbid we're ever going to see John McCain admit that there might just be a problem with the nativist base of his party -- that they've been whipping hatred in for years now over the immigration issue -- that McCain found himself confronted with at his recent series of town hall meetings.

McCain Tells Aurora Shooting Victim's Mother She Needs 'Straight Talk'

Here's your compassionate conservatism on full display folks. I guess this shouldn't be surprising after the behavior we saw from the crowds at the Republican presidential primary debates. John McCain's recent string of town hall meetings just continues to show the very ugly side of today's Republican party.

McCain Jeered At Arizona Town Hall Over Immigration Reform

It couldn't happen to a nicer guy. Color me not shocked that the Republicans' xenophobia and constant demonizing of immigrants is coming back to bite John McCain in the rear end. He was treated to an earful by his constituents at an Arizona town hall meeting this Tuesday.