Why Greed Is Bad (and Inequality, Too!)

Bob Somerby has been running an excellent series over the last week examining how the "greed is good" mentality has taken over American values over the past 40 or so years. Toward the end of his piece last Friday, he made pertinent point: As

Mike's Blog Round Up

Tiger Beatdown is leading the charge against State Rep Bobby Franklin of Georgia, the guy who thinks every pregnancy miscarriage needs to be investigated as a potential abortion. (h/t Echidne) MN Progressive Project: Those that forget the

That Creepy Tiger Woods-Nike Ad

I know our readers don't want a to read a lot about Tiger's latest sexpacades story and I'm not commenting on any of that here. I have been checking

Open Thread

Red State Update prays for Tiger Woods. That good enough for ya, Brit Hume? This video is not safe for work. Open thread below...

Mike's Blog Roundup

No More Mister Nice Blog: And Quist differs from other Republicans how, exactly? Angry Bear: The rich *are* different SCOTUSblog: Wide detention pow

Open Thread

Would more people pay attention to Afghanistan if we drafted Tiger Woods? Click here for larger image. Open Thread below...