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Today In 'Both Sides Do It': David Brooks

Today In 'Both Sides Do It': David Brooks

Confronted once again with absolutely unimpeachable evidence of the dementia and nihilistic fanaticism of his Republican Party, America's Most Trusted Conservative Thought Leader and Humility Guru -- David Brooks -- drains the Both Siderist jug right down to the lees.

Government Programs For Me; Not For Thee

In a two week span in which the East Coast of the United States was beset by a monstrous hurricane, states in the same area had their strongest earthquake since World War II and Colorado experienced its most violent quake since 1967, we were

Beware Of Gift Bearing Libertarians

Imagine, if you will, an amusement park set to open in the not-too-distant future. But instead of roller coasters and cotton candy, this one will have"juvenile giraffes" and odes to the good ole days. Which to the founders of this wonderland

New Rule: I Want My Country Forward

Some of Bill Maher's funnier lines from his New Rules segment tonight. New Rule: Don't ask me to believe that the hippest President we've ever had do

Mike's Blog Roundup

Ephphatha Poetry: Imagine if the Tea Party Was Black cab drollery: The LA Times business columnist David Lazarus aske the right questions and provide