Offshore Tax Havens

Sen. Sanders Introduces Bill To End Offshore Tax Havens

I don't expect we'll see any Republicans willing to support his legislation, but good for Sen. Sanders for doing this: Senator Introduces Bill To End Huge Corporate Tax Giveaway: Corporations offshoring profits costs both the federal government

Clinton Stumps For Obama, While Bush Heads To Cayman Islands

It seems former President George W. Bush isn't too worried about giving Mitt Romney some bad press just before the election. As Steve Benen noted, the contrast between how Bill Clinton is spending his time these days and Bush couldn't be more stark

How You Built Bain Capital

Among the things largely absent from the 2012 Republican National Convention has been any mention of Bain Capital and any fidelity to the truth. After the first two days, the GOP's twin frauds about welfare and "we built that" were once again

At Stake: The Future Of America’s Middle Class

I have been actively engaged in working in presidential politics since 1984, and one of the most important things I have learned is that people with a lot of secrets they don’t want the world to know should not run for President. Sooner or later,