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Prof. Michele Bachmann Wants To Pull US Embassy In Iran

(h/t David at VideoCafe) Oh, that brain trust that is Michele Bachmann has struck again. Not content in staking her intelligence solely on the "scientific fact" of creationism, Professor Bachmann has shown her expertise in foreign policy and

Bachmann Says Her Campaign Is Based On 'Hope,' Not Rage

Salon's Dave Weigel captured this video of a voter in Iowa Monday telling Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann that a less-than-flattering photo of her had graced the cover of Newsweek magazine for a profile titled "The Queen of

Horde Of 'Gay Barbarians' Glitter Bachmann Clinic

A group of "gay barbarians" danced and threw glitter in the lobby of a Christian clinic owned by Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann after staff said that her husband Marcus would not be coming out to "discipline"

Undercover Video Exposes Bachmann Anti-gay Therapy

ABC News presented undercover video Monday that confirms the clinic owned by Michele Bachmann and her husband Dr. Marcus Bachmann does indeed try to "pray away the gay." The Nation reported last week that Andrew Ramirez's mother took him to the

Open Thread

Michele Bachmann plus John Quincy Adams equals Best. Blingee. Ever. Back in the time of the founding fathers of July, 1776, John Quincy was about to turn 9. That's okay, we understand that at age 9, Michele Bachmann was working

Mike's Blog Roundup

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Mike's Blog Roundup

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Three Unreal Videos

Last week over at StarkReports.com, I began asking Republican opponents of health care reform if they could tell me how many of their constituents are