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Bill Moyers: Obamacare The Right Wing's Alamo

Bill Moyers: Obamacare The Right Wing's Alamo

After Republicans spent their time during last week's hearings demanding apologies for the problems with the rollout of the Affordable Care Act, Bill Moyers asked if it would be "fair to expect just a morsel of apology from the right as well?" I wouldn't be holding my breath for one any time soon.

Crazy World Of DC Centrism Vs. Platforms Real Voters Like

I have been bemused for many years by the peculiar mindset represented by DC centrism. I have written about it a number of times over the years, in my book <em><a href="">The Progressive Revolution: How The Best In America Came To Be</a></em>, and in many of my blog posts. DC Centrism embraces what the political establishment, especially including the big special interests who tend to control this town, thinks is right, even when the vast majority of Americans are opposed to it. For example, cutting Social Security, something 80% of Americans oppose, is a classic example of DC centrism. Another example is focusing obsessively about the deficit while ignoring new measures to create jobs, which is the reverse of what voters want the government to focus on. Bailing out, and now subsidizing, the Too Big To Fail banks is yet another example. And these 3 examples really just scratch the surface- there are so many ways that DC Centrism is different from what the centrist position of real voters is.

Hayes: 'Center' In American Politics Is The Name We Give To Where Power Resides

Chris Hayes gave a little send-off to Sen. Max Baucus on the news of his upcoming retirement from the United States Senate. After running down a list of why the only people who are really going to miss him are the lobbyists who will likely see their salaries go down once he leaves, Hayes reminded his viewers of what it really means when we hear pundits talk about so-called "centrists" in Washington.

Bye Bye, Baucus! Enjoy Your Retirement

Max Baucus plans to retire in 2014 rather than run for office again. Is his rather sudden about-face related to a cushy pharma lobbying job or backlash from his gun bill vote?

Forbes On Fox Panelists Push For Social Security Privatization

Even after Wall Street blew up our economy and Americans got to experience their 401K's and pension funds taking massive hits due to their maleficence, some of the panel members of this Saturday's Forbes on Fox were still pushing for Social Security privatization.

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