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Fox's Charles Payne: 'Maybe Walmart Is Supplementing The U.S. Taxpayer'

Fox's Charles Payne: 'Maybe Walmart Is Supplementing The U.S. Taxpayer'

While news such as Walmart doing canned food drives for their own employees and the NLRB deciding to pursue charges against Walmart for violating labor laws are making their way into the headlines this week, what are the talking heads over at Fox doing? You guessed it... damage control.

Deadly Maruti Factory Riot Sounds Alarms For Industry

This Youtube video has good footage of the damage as a result of the July 18, 2012 riot at the Maruti Suzuki plant in India, but it is a continuous loop of the same images for over 6 minutes. Outsourcing to cheap foreign labor may have to

Former Child Janitor To Gingrich: Your Jobs Plan Offended Me

A man who spent part of his childhood working as a janitor told Newt Gingrich on Wednesday that he was offended by the Republican presidential candidate's plan to put kids to work. During an event at Georgetown University, Hector Cendejas called

Handshake Down In Alabama

Like Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, and many other states, Alabama has a big, new Republican legislative majority working hard to undermine unions. The House passed HB 64 yesterday, which would amend Alabama's 1901 constitution to require secret

Taft-Hartley, Or The Slave-Labor Law Of 1947

(Oddly, still is) Since its enactment in 1947, the famous (or infamous) Taft-Hartley Act (or Slave-Labor Bill as some call it) has been in an almost constant state of proposed revision. But never getting off the ground. Initially vetoed by

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"Should any political party attempt to abolish Social Security, unemployment insurance, and eliminate labor laws and farm programs, you would not hear