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K Street Accountability

I think everyone understood the reasons for taking on the DOJ - they seem to have been a lot more interested in wiretapping journalists than in holding bank CEOs accountable. But why would demonstrators focus on Covington and Burling?

Occupy DC Strikes Back With Week Of Resistance

These are themed days of action in resistance to the system and in solidarity with the 99%. Individual, autonomous affinity groups welcome to plan whatever inspires them. 10/1 – SHUT DOWN K STREET day of action. Meet at 7 AM at McPherson

Voters Say K Street And Wall Street In Trouble In 2012

The big news coming out of the Pennsylvania primaries yesterday is that two of K Street's favorite Capitol Hill Democrats, Tim Holden and Jason Altmire, got upset in races where they had lots more cash than their opponents. The way these races

Jack Abramoff's Dream

<a href="http://casinojack-movie.com/">Casino Jack</a>, starring Kevin Spacey, is in limited release right now and if you're interested in the machinations of D.C. politics is well worth seeing.

Mike's Blog Roundup

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