John Ensign

C&L's Top 50 Videos Of 2011: #38 Newt Rule: IOKIYAR

Oh, C&Lers, you've picked a good one, and timely too. In 38th place, we have a March 4th rant about Republican family values as compared to everyone else's. Yes indeed, it's a timely reminder, given Newt's newly discovered piety and grace

Sen. John Ensign Resigns Amid Ethics Scandals

Sen. John Ensign will finally resign from his seat in the Senate effective May 3. Lawrence O'Donnell said this is the kind of thing that generally happens after the Senate Ethics Committee let's them know they're going to recommend


Other than his tasteless joke about Ellen at the end of this, kudos to Bill Maher for reminding us of just how many Republicans like Newt Gingrich who's still pretending he wants to run for president are huge flaming hypocrites when it comes to