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Fox Launches Attack On Health Care Waivers As Being 'Corrupt'

Sean Hannity among others at Fox have been flogging this story all week; Hannity's interview with Palin above just being one of the latest examples. It appears Tucker Carlson's rag, the Daily Caller started this fake controversy and surprise, surprise, Fox decided to glom onto it.

The 'Death Panels' And Betsy McCaughey Are Back At Fox News

From our friends at Newshounds, the death panels and Betsy McCaughey are back fear mongering over end of life counseling. Sweet Jesus these people make my head hurt. I thought we were done with this seeing the last of this shyster once the health

Newt Gingrich Touts Incoming House Leadership As Job Creators

When asked by Sean Hannity how Republicans are going to counter attacks by Democrats that their leadership doesn't care that they are supporting policies that characterize "Republicans as wanting to kick grannie out on the street and have grandma

The Word - Unrequited Gov

From The Colbert Report: Maybe the Republicans will love President Obama if he repeals the estate tax, increases defense spending and privatizes Social Security.