Climate Change Evidence

Buried in the back page of the Washington Post Metro was this little item. The three months that just ended have not been merely warm: they were th

Sunday Morning Bobblehead Thread

Lesley Gore--It's My Party This week should have been our party. A decades-long fight to bring America to the notion that health care should be a r

Open Thread

By now most of you know that Al Gore was a mere poseur, and that David Plouffe actually invented the internet. Naturally, as such, he has access via

Open Thread

We love Shakespeare's Sister because she writes posts like this: Sometimes I just close my eyes and pretend that the media still plays a useful role

Mike's Blog Round Up

Ice Station Tango: What Al Gore Does.... Bi-Coastal Ex-Mormon: The best Beatles tribute evah... Glenn Beck? Are you on meth? Meth may be the kinde