Franklin D. Roosevelt

Hartmann: Have We Become Fascists?

Hartmann: Have We Become Fascists?

Thom Hartmann asks if the United States has become a fascist state, based on the definition laid out by President Franklin D. Roosevelt and his Vice President Henry Wallace.

The Daily Show: Vague Against The Machine

The Daily Show's Jon Stewart took apart Mitt Romney's promises to both cut the budget deficit, lower taxes on everyone, increase military spending and somehow not raise taxes on the middle class, along with his running mate Paul Ryan -- the numbers

June 20, 1940 - "France Is Defeated And Must Give Up The War".

June 20, 1940. France appoints delegation to receive German surrender terms. Marshall Petain urges French troops to lay down their arms. Fears in Britain that the final German objective is on. FDR takes steps to form coalition cabinet, appointing two Republican higher-ups to crucial positions. Britain lays out defense plans. Britain announces plan to evacuate children to Canada and Dominions.

May 29, 1941 - The Propaganda Machine And The Invasion Of Crete.

May 29, 1941 - news of latest German bomber raids on England and Northern Ireland. RAF raids on French coast. German invasion of Crete. Berlin reaction to latest FDR Fireside chat, ratchets up Anti-U.S. propaganda. Vichy France declares a stepped up effort to equip it's air force, seen as a ploy for France to manufacture more planes for Germany. Washington reacts to German reaction. Latest fighting in Africa, centered around Tobruk.