Our Dreams Are Foreclosed #WhyIOccupy

Our Dreams Are Foreclosed #WhyIOccupy

"We've seen ten million people thrown out of their houses since 2007. Literally millions of children. So I don't want to celebrate this anniversary. I want to talk about how the need for this movement is more than ever."

Tell The Bankers That The People Are Too Big To Fail

Occupiers, allies and community members from across the country came together in front of the DOJ to demand that Attorney General Eric Holder arrest the bankers responsible for upending the international economy through the housing crisis.

Foreclosed Homeowners Arrested At DoJ While Demanding Banker Prosecution

Five years after the greed and recklessness of Wall Street criminals crashed the economy, Eric Holder’s Department of Justice is finally making some arrests. But it’s not Wall Street bankers sitting in jail. No, it’s 27 struggling homeowners and foreclosure victims who went to D.C. to demand the end of Too Big to Jail.