Evan Bayh

Kristol And Hayes Agree It Would Be Good For GOP Presidential Candidates To Run On 'Entitlement Reform'

Another Sunday, another week where Bloody Bill Kristol proves himself to be wrong about everything. After some discussion on whether President Obama is going to have trouble being reelected and The Hill's A.B. Stoddard pointing out that he might unless he ends up being fortunate enough to run against someone who voted for Paul Ryan's budget plan, Bret Baier asks Kristol if the GOP would make make "reforming" "entitlements" into an asset. Kristol of course thinks that would be a winning issue for them.

Evan Bayh Takes Job As Fox News Contributor

Oh boy. Looks like Fox found another "Democrat" besides Doug Schoen to bash Democrats for them -- Evan Bayh. We're all shocked, right? It appears he's also got himself a new lobbying gig as well. After Leaving Senate Because Of ‘Too Much

Bye, Bye, Mr. Evan Bayh

Some Hoosiers (I'm assuming) have some fun at the expense of retiring moderate Democratic Senator Evan Bayh. Clever stuff. So Bye, Bye, Mr. Evan Ba

Sunday Morning Bobblehead Thread

The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, featuring Frank Sinatra and Connie Haines, Oh, Look At Me Now! I personally think that Evan Bayh has suffered mightily