Richard Wolff Gives Bill O'Reilly A Lesson In Economics 101

From this Monday's Democracy Now, economist Richard Wolff is asked about Bill O'Reilly's remarks last week where he told his audience on Fox that Cyprus and other European countries are facing economic hardships because they’re so-called "nanny states." Wolff responded with a lesson in economics 101 for Bill-O.

Breitbart Posts Fake Krugman Article

Breitbart News falls for a phony article "reporting" that left-leaning Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman had filed for bankruptcy, after recently berating another news outlet for the same "crime."

Capitalism And Class In America

Economist Richard Wolff explains the weaknesses of capitalism and the need for Americans to understand the system under which they live and work. There are many problems associated with capitalism (state capitalism): wage slavery,

Half Of The World's Richest 1 Percent Are Americans

According to calculations by World Bank economist Branko Milanovi, half of the world’s richest 1 percent of earners, about 29 million people, are Americans, Four million members of the world’s 1 percent are Germans, and “the rest are mainly scattered throughout Europe, Latin America and a few Asian countries.”

Herman Cain's Adviser For 9-9-9 Plan Is Not An Economist

From Politico -- Herman Cain's economic adviser is not an economist: Herman Cain says his much-touted 9-9-9 plan is the product of extensive testing and thinking, but the only man he cited as involved with its research — Rich Lowrie of