Dylan Ratigan

Dylan Ratigan To Leave MSNBC

I can understand why he's leaving (because hitting your head against a brick wall does lose its appeal after a while) but I'm sorry that one of the more questioning voices in cable news will be gone. Whether you approved of him or not, he asked

Reliable Sources Panel Defend Firing Of NPR Host And Attack MSNBC's Ratigan For Support Of #OWS

Apparently Dylan Ratigan inserting himself into the Occupy Wall Street has got the folks over at TeaNN terribly upset, since Howard Kurtz decided to spend a segment carping about it on his show that claims to report on media bias, Reliable Sources. And apparently Kurtz believes someone who was a former Trent Lott staffer and now an anchor on Glenn Beck's GBTV, Amy Holmes, qualifies as some sort of objective "journalist" to weigh in on Ratigan's advocacy of the #OWS protests.

Egypt On The Brink Of Revolution?

Egyptian journalist Mona Eltahawy joined The Dylan Ratigan Show for his daily rant to explain why America should support the protests in Egypt.

Cenk Uygur: America Is A Progressive Country

Cenk breaks down a few polls for us that show most Americans are actually liberals or progressives when you look at how they feel about specific issues instead of how they self-identify since liberal has more or less been turned into a dirty word of