The Loving Story

If you've got HBO and did not get a chance to watch their documentary, The Loving Story this week, it reairs in May. In the wake of the two hearings by the Supreme Court on gay marriage, the film serves as a stark reminder for how we're likely to be viewed by future generations for the rhetoric and animosity we're seeing to same-sex couples being allowed to be married today.

Fox Panel Complains That Dinesh D’Souza Hasn't Been Given As Much Respect As Michael Moore

From this Saturday's joke of a media "watchdog" show over at Faux News, the panel members of Fox News Watch spent one of their segments again perpetuating the myth of the so-called "liberal media" and complaining that those "elitists" haven't shown hatchet-man Dinesh D'Souza enough respect. And we got treated to the false equivalency of them comparing D'Souza to the way Michael Moore has been treated by the media and the awards he's won, as opposed to them generally ignoring D'Souza.

Days Of Protest Past - 1968

Days Of Protest Past - looking at the protest movement from the deep-distant past via a radio documentary produced by NBC News' Monthly program Second Sunday broadcast in October 1968.

Triangle: Remembering The Fire

If you've got HBO, set your recording devices for this show if you're not going to be home Monday night. It premiers at 9pm eastern time March 21st. Laura Clawson did a very good write up on this at Daily KOS -- Triangle: Remembering the

Winter Soldiers

"Winter Soldiers" is an inside look at a peace protest held in front of the White House on December 16, 2010. Led by Veterans For Peace, 135 people stood in swirling snow and blistering cold to bring an end to the occupation of Afghanistan. They