Dick Armey

Tea Party 'Leader' Dick Armey Confuses Benghazi With Bangladesh

On the same day that a poll found that many Republicans did not know where Benghazi was even though they considered last year's terrorist attack there to be the biggest scandal in American history, tea party leader Dick Armey confused the city with the country of Bangladesh.

Dick Armey Confused Media Matters With Brent Bozell's MRC

Remember when Karoli wrote about this story last week? Poor dumb Dick! He confused Media Matters with the wingnut Media Research Center. I guess he's so used to wingnuts tidying up after each other, he assumed old Brent would know to censor his

Joan Walsh: Dick Armey And FreedomWorks A 'Bunch Of Grifters'

I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed watching Joan Walsh get a chance to give Dick Armey his due after the way he treated her on Hardball back in early 2009. While discussing the mess over at FreedomWorks, which Karoli already wrote about here, Walsh