deficit hawks

President Falls Right Into GOP's Deficit Reduction Trap

When, oh when will Democrats realize that once they move away from job creation to deficit reduction, they are playing right into the right wing agenda? On Meet The Press, President Obama told Dancing Dave Gregory this when asked about going

Sen. Bernie Sanders Calls Out The Deficit Hawk Hypocrites

From the office of Sen. Bernie Sanders -- Deficit Hawk Hypocrites: Who caused deficits? Some of the same people in Congress who bemoan all the red ink in the federal budget actually created the problem. At a Senate Budget Committee hearing on

CBO Smacks Republicans And Defict Hawks With New Report

The CBO proves the only reason America should have a deficit problem is if Conservatives want one. Ezra Klein: The Congressional Budget Office just released the latest edition of its long-term budget outlook (pdf), and it shows the same thing as

Sen. Al Franken Argues Against Tax Cuts For Millionaires

Someone needs to ask Al if he can get President Obama to listen to him. From The Uptake -- Sen. Franken Argues Against Tax Cuts For Millionaires: U.S. Sen. Al Franken (DFL-MN.) says extending tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans while