Robert Kuttner Excoriates Creators And Supporters Of JOBS Act

Jon Perr explained how awful this so-called JOBS Act, or "Jumpstart Our Small Business Startups" is that was being pushed by Eric Cantor was last month. Well, now sadly it's passed the House and with wide bipartisan support and it's due for a vote

Mitt Romney: Planned Parenthood, We're Going To Get Rid Of That

As Keith Olbermann noted, Mitt Romney did not appear to misspeak when he made this statement to St. Louis local affiliate KSDK's Ann Rubin in Kirkwood, MO today but I guess we'll find out shortly when we see if he walks it back... or not. Romney

Olbermann: Debunking Breitbart's 'Occupy Rape List'

Keith Olbermann takes apart one of Andrew Breitbart's latest smears of the Occupy movement that we all sadly got a dose of the other night when he was screaming at the protesters outside of CPAC; that the movement is full of rapists.

Countdown: CPAC 2012 Day One Highlights

Sam Seder filling in for Keith Olbermann on Countdown shared some of the highlights from day one of CPAC 2012. SEDER: The one thing the Republicans do well, even better than fearmongering, is throw extravagant events. In our forth story, today

Romney May Have Paid Zero Taxes In 2009

I spent some time yesterday going through Willard's 2010 return and 2011 estimates of his taxes, and I agree with David Shuster in this segment. There's every possibility that the Romneys paid no income taxes at all in 2009 and possibly also in

Countdown: Billy Clubbed

Countdown's Keith Olbermann filled his viewers in on Bill O'Reilly's, shall we say, less than friendly encounter with Occupy DC protester Branden Lane and O'Reilly's response on Fox this Thursday evening, where he said he was thinking about the John