Clair McCaskill

The Daily Show: Swing Of The Hill

With the Supreme Court weighing in on the issue of gay marriage this week and such sorry pronouncements like the one we heard from Justice Samuel Alito where he called the issue "newer than cell phones or the Internet," The Daily Show's Jon Stewart took his viewers though some of the "evolving" views we've seen from our politicians over the recent weeks.

Sen. Clair McCaskill On The Need To Pass The Disclose Act

Keith Olbermann talked to Sen. Clair McCaskill about the need to pass the Disclose Act after seeing the flood of anonymous corporate donations coming in for Republicans during this mid-term election cycle. I'm quite sure neither Karl Rove or Ed

Have Gun Will Travel II

As I was pleased to note last night in an update, pressure from the Netroots was instrumental in getting Sens. McCaskill (D-MO) and Specter (D-PA) t