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Blogger Demonstrates Serious Flaw In TSA Body Scanners

A blogger on Tuesday published a video showing how he had snuck a small metal case through the Transportation and Security Administration's (TSA) "billion dollar fleet" of so-called nude body scanners. Engineer Jonathan Corbett, who runs the blog

TSA Says Woman Has 'Cute Figure,' Asks For Three Body Scans

The Transportation and Security Administration (TSA) is coming under fire for allegedly doing "peep show" naked body scans of women who agents think are attractive. Ellen Terrell told CBS 11 in Dallas that agents at DFW International Airport

Napolitano: Get Used To Invasive Scans, Pat-downs

Airline passengers should get used to invasive full body scans and enhanced pat-downs, the Homeland Security secretary suggested Sunday. CNN's Candy Crowley asked Janet Napolitano if she expected changes to the controversial Transportation

Profits Over Airport Security?

Unlike Chris Matthews who wants to pretend this is not what goes on daily in D.C., Cenk Uygur goes through what is pretty much standard operating procedure in Washington; lobbyists influencing legislation, the revolving door between holding office