Angry Blogger Publishes Journalists’ Addresses

After a New York newspaper, the Journal News, published an interactive database of all the gun-permit holders in the region, an angered blogger retaliated by posting the names and addresses of almost every employee of the publication. Christopher Fountain said he was offended by the paper’s “conflating legal gun owners with some crazed tormented devil up in Newtown,” and “wondered how they would like it if their addresses were published.”

'Contagion:' A Political Thriller In The Obama Era

In the 1970s, the era of Watergate and Vietnam and many more official perfidies, Hollywood gave us a new genre of movies. The bad guys were great big, faceless institutions—corporations or the government, it didn't matter; or sometimes

Open Thread

The gorgeous blogger-signed quilt by SaraR of DKos. More images here. Open thread below...