Ben Nelson

5 Things President Obama Should Do Right Away

Now that Mitt Romney has conceded Florida and President Obama has won his second term by an electoral vote landslide, it's time to start thinking about ways forward not only for the next Democratic candidate in 2016, but also those seeking to

Election 2012: Senate At Risk Of Flipping To GOP

I confess to a short happy dance when I heard Senator Ben Nelson was retiring. Like everyone else, I'm sick and tired of his obstruction, his Blue Doggy-ness, and the way he plays his hand at the end like a smug cheater. But Lawrence O'Donnell

TYT Power Panel With C&L's Own Tina Dupuy

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee's Adam Green, National Journal's Michael Hirsh and our own managing editor at Crooks and Liars, Tina Dupuy in this Wednesday's The Young Turks power panel. Their topics... are progressives better off with

Conservatives And The Cult Of The Golden Calves

Whether it's the bronze bull encountered by those occupying Wall Street, the fixation with a Chris Christie presidency not to be, or the ex post facto transformation of Ronald Reagan into Kratos by middle-aged Republican Congresspersons who

Republicans Block Second Attempt At Jobs Bill With Help From Nelson, Pryor And Lieberman

So much for caring more about keeping teachers, firefighters and police officers working. The Republicans in the Senate with some help from the usual suspects when it comes to blocking anything that might help everyday Americans -- Ben Nelson (Neb.), Mark Pryor (Ark.) and Joe Lieberman (Conn.) -- blocked the passage of a portion of President Obama's jobs bill this Thursday night.