American Exceptionalism

American Exceptionalism -- The Good Kind

When I think of Elizabeth Warren, I think of her as a fiery warrior on behalf of consumers and the 99%, fearlessly taking on the biggest and baddest of all the special interests, Wall Street. But she is also the senior Senator from the great state Massachusetts.

Chris Hayes On The RNC's Backward Looking Tour Of Nostalgia

From this Saturday's Up With Chris Hayes, Chris takes a look at the message we saw coming out of this year's Republican National Convention and as he concluded "It's an ugly message, but in a time of anxiety and diminished expectations, not a

Rush Limbaugh Has Gone Completely Around The Bend -- Again

Not that Rush Limbaugh is the King of Calm or anything, but I can practically hear his veins bulging out as he spews a litany of completely irrelevant invective about how President Obama is a child of the '60s and therefore believes in tearing